Develop Information Interoperability Standards

Have you wondered what these standards are: IEC 61850, CIM, IEC 62351 , IEEE 1547.8?

IEC TC57 Architecture

The development of international information interoperability standards for the Smart Grid is often a long and frustrating process. Yet standards are vital to the ultimate success of the Smart Grid.

Xanthus has been involved in developing these interoperability standards since when it was first recognized that the lack of communication standards was hindering the automation of power systems. At first, it was enough just to standardize the bits - was the most significant bit on the right or the left of a string of bits?? However, as the Smart Grid is starting to take shape, information standards encompass many different communication layers (media, network, transport, syntax, semantics, etc.), many different environments (operations, back office, customer sites, third parties), and many new demands (millisecond performance, high reliability, and cyber security).

Specific standard areas that Xanthus has been actively supporting, include:

Some of the core Smart Grid standards from the IEC can be reviewed at


Chevy volt Bob & Alice benefits of standards
IEC 61850 and SEP 2.0 Standards for communications with the Chevy Volt EV Alice and Bob Cryptography Benefits of Standards