History of Xanthus

Xanthus Consulting International, Inc., was founded in 2005 to focus primarily on interoperability, cyber security, and communication standards for what has now become known as the "Smart Grid",

Frances Cleveland, founder and president of Xanthus, is formerly of Utility Consulting International (UCI) and ECC (now Kema). She brings 30+ years of power system communications consulting experience to Xanthus, and offers a broad range of expertise in international information technologies and standards, including NIST Priority Action Plans (PAPs), NIST Cyber Security Working Group (CSWG), EPRI's IntelliGrid Architecture, IEC 62351 security standards for power system operations, IEC 61850 standards for substation automation, distribution automation, and distributed energy resources, IEC 61968/61970 Common Information Model, and OpenSG.

Matterhorn, photo taken during an IEC meeting in Zermatt, 2010