Develop Smart Grid Specifications

Smart Grid questions that Xanthus can help answer:

conceptual model
NIST's Smart Grid Conceptual Model

The Smart Grid is still in its infancy, and like young children playing in a room full of lego blocks, erector sets, and computer games, Smart Grid companies are blue-skying fascinating new ideas and prototyping fancy new gadgets. A few of these fancy constructions will collapse, others will provide solid advancements, and just a small handful will be "the next killer app". At the same time, new pressures are building that significantly impact how the power system will operate in the future.

So, many questions arise as the Smart Grid unfolds:

Smart Grid Specifications, Use Cases, and Reports

Xanthus helps develop specifications, use cases, and reports to assist Smart Grid entities to understand the new requirements and to design their capabilities to meet these requirements. Review Xanthus's projects for examples of these products.