Older Projects

EPRI Wireless Projects

  1. Meshed Wireless Sensor System for Substation Monitoring Applications, to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of meshed wireless communications network for retrieving sensor information in a substation environment.
  2. Assessment of Wireless Capabilities within Substations, EPRI 1011751, March 2006. The possible use of wireless communications in substations has raised a number of issues and concerns. This report determines that wireless communications is already being used in some applications, and that they could be used safely, reliably, and securely in many more applications, so long as the required data exchanges are not very time-sensitive and proper security measures have been applied. In addition, new standards and new product developments are underway to improve the performance, reliability, and security of these technologies in industrial settings.

Stirling Energy Systems Project

  1. Stirling Energy Systems (SES) was developing two solar thermal power plants in California. The two plants - Solar One and Solar Two - are significant first steps in deploying large-scale renewable solar technology as a commercial energy project. Solar Two is the first to be implemented and will provide 750 MW of energy when fully deployed. The management of the SES power plant needed a SCADA system, and the decision was to implement IEC 61850 for the plant communications. (Unfortunately this project was halted due to external issues.)

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